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Welcome to Santiago Supermarket! We have a wide variety of products- fresh produce, meat, dairy, bakery products. Along with the regular grocery, we also offer ethnic Mexican products. Alongside that, we also have a restaurant right here for you to have the best Mexican meal!




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How have I never eaten here before? Stopped in for lunch today. Water, 3 tacos, and chips and pico for about 12 bucks. Truly, the absolute best chips I have ever had. And you wouldn't think you could do much to improve on a corn chip. But theirs are divine. I tried a steak, a chicken and a pork taco as well. All fresh and hot. I think the chicken was my favorite.

Dawn B.


The food is great and the people are friendly. They have special items on the weekend in addition to their regular menu. Also a good selection of Latin produce and grocery items. There is a small seating area in the back if you want to eat their. I recommend you do!! They bring homemade hot sauce to the table, both red and green and it is delicious!!

Rikki G.
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